Merchant Advantages

Merchant Advantages

San Diego Digital Savings is an innovative marketing platform that promotes your business on a “PAY FOR PERFORMANCE” model. Synergy only gets paid when we successfully send you a customer. All transactions are tracked through our Mobile APP, so we know how many customers we are sending you, and how much money they are spending at your establishment.

Here’s how it works:

Businesses create a “Savings Offer” and will be promoted on and our Mobile APP. Consumers “LOAD” saving offers on their mobile device. When they frequent your business simply tap the redeem button and enter your secret 4-Digit PIN number. This way we will know that it’s a valid redemption. You are charged a small “Merchant Redemption Fee” with each consumer redemption through our Mobile APP. You monthly statements will show the date of the transaction, the authorization number and the gross sales amount.

100% customizable and trackable. You decide…

  • The number of saving offers available on the platform. If you only want 50 offers available, when the 50th person “loads” the offer, you are off the website.
  • The Number of “loads” allowed per customer. You don’t want the same customer redeeming your offer every day, so you can decide how many times you want the customer to load your offer. (Once a day, Once a week, Once a Month, Once a year)

  • The Terms, Conditions and restrictions of the offer. This is YOUR business and you know when you need customers the most. You have the flexibility to customize your offers and Synergy has the expertise and the technology to drive customers through your door.
  • How do you want to promote your business? You have access to a “control panel” where you can upload logos, photos, videos, and social media links. You can also view and edit your Saving Offers, Saving Alerts, Loyalty Rewards and GEO-fence specials.

The Ultimate Marketing Platform

Synergy is truly your marketing partner and we are 100% committed to sending you customers. YOUR success is OUR success. Synergy will promote your business through various marketing channels:

  • Website, Podcasts and Social Media marketing and email marketing
  • Live Event Marketing
  • Mobile App
  • Fundraising Organizations
  • Consumer Affiliate Programs
  • Business Affiliate Programs
  • Print Media
  • Direct Mail

Great Marketing for an Excellent Cause

Once you join the Synergy Business Network, you are not only part of a powerful marketing platform that will help you attract and retain loyal customers, you are also helping others in need. Synergy is donating a percentage of the merchant redemption fee to “Share the Love Now Foundation” a 501 (c) 3 organization whose mission is to help local communities world-wide and to help people find their passion and live the life of their dreams.

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